Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Chalet chic: new bungalows in popular London commuter locations for young families

Once associated with the elderly, single storey houses come with a freehold and without the high service charges of an apartment.
The bungalow is back.
Though associated with the elderly, who want to live on the flat, today's new bungalows are proving a hit with young people, reports developer Crest Nicholson.
Increasingly, younger family buyers want a space-efficient single storey house that is good for toddlers, comes without the high service charges of an apartment, and with the freedom of a freehold.
Such "chalet chic" is on sale at various commuter belt locations, including Elsenham Vale, in Essex, Headcorn in Kent, and Cedar's Park, Stowmarket, where two-bedroom bungalows cost from £245,000.

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