Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Huge deal with up to £350,000 cash out AND up to £140,000 yearly cashflow

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We have a fantastic opportunity near Derby to buy refurb and get cash out of the deal of up to £350,000 after re-financing. Then a yearly cash flow £140,000 after operating the three buildings as large professional HMOs. Planning has already been granted. Near train station. There will be a huge demand for this deal, so please get in touch

Finders fees, finance and legal costs apply. See headline figures below.

The Opportunity


Purchase £650,000.00         
Conversion £728,000.00+VAT        
Total Investment £1,378,000.00 Available Loan £1,747,200.00     
Completed Value £2,329,600.00 Cash Out £369,200.00     
Net Rental £141,364.00 

Financial analysis    Only adjust YELLOW cells

Calculation Assumptions
Room No Rental P.W Total P.W Total P.A Investment Value Loan@given LTV Multiplier Used: 8
56 £100 £5,600 £291,200 2329600 1747200 Loan Value 75%
Total Cost Conversion per unit £13,000+VAT
Conversion £728,000 Purchase Price £650,000
Purchase price £650,000 Mortgage rate 5*
Total £1,378,000 Maintenance £5,000
Cash out/in £369,200 Management(12%) £29,120
Income/Expenditure 10%
Voids 8%
Income £291,200 interest only
Mortgage £68,900
Voids £23,296
Utils £23,520
Maintenance £5,000
Management £29,120
Total £149,836
Net Rental PA £141,364

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